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Easter in Mexico, a magic vacations experience

Here you will find five destinations perfect for these vacations experience. I assure you’ll have the best time.

Easter in Mexico, a magic vacations experience

We are already in countdown from Holy Week and Easter. If you still have nothing planned, you would like to read this. You don’t have to think about distant destinations, Mexico has everything you need in this vacation.

Here you will find five destinations perfect for these vacations experience. I assure you’ll have the best time.

Chetumal, Quintana Roo

This hotel is located 40 minutes away from the city of Chetumal, in Quintana Roo. It is a perfect place to get away from the mundane life. Immersed in the jungle, these 41 bungalows offer a different experience.

The incredible thing about this hotel is that every day you have a different activity, from a kayak ride through the Bacalar lagoon, bike rides through the archaeological zone of Kohunlich, to a night tour through the Chakanbakan Lagoon, natural habitat of the Moreletti crocodile.

The hotel offers everything, you don’t to worry about absolutely nothing, just enjoy the All Inclusive. Dare to live this experience, let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the Mayan jungle.


If you want to get more cultural, Oaxaca is the option. It’s a city full of traditions, rich in culture and gastronomy. You can start in the historic center, walk through the streets while admiring the colonial buildings.

You can’t miss the Plaza and the Temple of Santo Domingo, undoubtedly one of the best churches in the country. It’s impossible for you to leave the square without buying something; the things that you will find the most are typical clothes and crafts, just as colorful as the whole city.

Another point that you can’t miss if you go to Oaxaca, is Hierve el Agua. This series of petrified waterfalls will leave you breathless. It is believed to be a sacred place for the Zapotec culture.

At the top of the ravine you will find springs that have become natural spas, and the perfect setting to take photos. Oaxaca has so much to offer, go and discover it.

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

If you are a wine fan, this is the place for you. Located in Baja California, this place offers spectacular views. Basically what you do here is relax, eat and enjoy a good wine. Among the hotels you can choose, is Cuatro Cuartos. It’s an excellent example of “glamping”, this means camping glamorously. Yes, the concept of this hotel are camping tents, quite spacious, with all the comforts of a luxury hotel, overlooking the sea and vineyards.

It is a great experience to enjoy something rustic, but luxurious at the same time. If this option doesn’t suit you, there are many other hotels that are also worth it.

As for the vineyards that you can visit, you can’t miss L.A. Cetto and Monte Xanic. Both are the most important wineries in the country, in addition to a guided tour, they also offer wine tasting and of course, an incredible view. Valle de Guadalupe is a place for good living, good.

Tulum, Quintana Roo

It is one of the most representative regions of the Riviera Maya, thanks to its little explored beaches and its flora and fauna. It’s an excellent option for a trip vacations experience with family or friends.

You can go to the Castle, ruins that are located on the tip of a cliff, you can imagine the view. Awesome. Tulum has a lot of unexplored beaches, where the blue sea and the white sand make you fall in love. The most symbolic places of Tulum, are its cenotes.

If you like to dive, snorkel and live new adventures, you can’t stop going to these cenotes: Campeche, San Miguel and Coba. You should know, prepare yourself mentally before diving, the water is freezing. But the experience that surrounds you, it’s totally worth it.

Chepe, Chihuaua

The Chihuahua-Pacific, better known as the Chepe, is a railway that runs through the eastern mother mountain range. It is an unforgettable experience that allows you to admire spectacular landscapes and get to know the Raramuri community a bit closer.

There are many options to take the train, you can start in Chihuahua and end up in Los Mochis. The railway stops at Barrancas del Cobre and Creel, main towns of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Another tourist station is Cuauhtémoc, the largest Mennonite community in the world. Here you can delve into the life of this community and see how they have grown and what they have achieved.

You can not miss the pizza of this place, it seems illogical that you go to eat pizza in Mexico, but the Mennonite cheese is really delicious, just the best. Something very important that you should know, you never sleep in the train, in the stations where you decide to stop, there are hotels so you can spend the night there.

This tour is a great cultural experience that you will not regret.